JAP Drivers for Indoor Lights

12W Non-Isolated with Surge for Bulb Application (Central Hole Provision)

Model No: JAP1633
Specially designed driver for LED bulb application where the driver needs to be screwed in the housing. It a centre hole in the PCB for the mounting.

AC/DC LED Drivers
AC/DC LED Drivers

Feature & Specifications:

  • Dimensions (Open Frame) :35(L) x22(W) x17(H)
  • No Enclosure
  • Universal Input : 90-300VAC @47-63Hz
  • Efficiency: 90% at full load at 220VAc
  • PFC: <0 .95
  • THD: 15-20%
  • Surge test: >2.5kv
  • Constant Current
  • Non Isolated design
  • Centre hole- 4mm diameter.
  • Wires on both ends
  • Protection: LED Open/Short Circuit Protection